LXR Resort

The resort has 236 rooms and suites (starting at $259 per night), a casino, a pool, and a spa.
LXR Resort 5*: Luxe like never before. Experience Crockfords Las Vegas, where opulence and outstanding service are an art form. An entire resort is created around superb luxury, and the fine details of your stay are attended to as if you were our only guest. Sip cocktails, champagne, and fine liquor in our sophisticated LXR rooms and suites, with signature bedding and luxurious spa-style bathrooms, including double vanities. When you’re a guest of Crockford’s…you’ll be entitled to preference in resort outlets and Ambassador service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For those who have not heard about the Crockfords brand, it is easily one of the more exclusive venues on the Strip. Keeping within this classic and refined theme, it is a tailor-made service exclusive to those who fit the high-end luxury wavelength of discerning visitors seeking a touch of class and exemplary service. ‘Luxury Redefined. Luxury Rediscovered. Luxury Reimagined. At LXR Resort.’ Explore the best deals from “Resorts Vegas“.